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We have developed our skills and processes to offer durable drywall services to our clients. We offer the best drywall services in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Apart from our customers, we have built a strong relationship with our suppliers and are able to pass some of the cost savings to you.

In each project we involve the right drywall crew with the right attitude to guarantee your satisfaction. Our crews are well trained and well experienced to handle any type of drywall, steel stud framing, insulation and t-bar ceiling related services.

Our years of commitment to offer outstanding services are rewarded by repeat customers and referrals. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and apply only the proven system that has been successfully applied to hundreds of projects.

We are a full service drywall repair and installation company that has extensive experience in a residential, commercial and industrial sectors. When it’s time to choose a durable material to cover the framing on your interior walls & ceiling,  a low-cost high-energy efficient material like drywall is hard to beat.

What is Drywall? Drywall is a construction material used for creating walls and ceiling using gypsum board wrapped in a heavy paper. Also known as plasterboard, sheet rock or wallboard, installation of drywall is less expensive than the plaster walls.

Drywall is a durable construction material with high energy efficiency and fire resistant capability.

Our drywall estimation process involves:

  • determining the types of the panels
  • specifying the dimensions of the panels
  • calculating transportation cost to deliver equipment & material to the job site
  • job site preparation
  • mobilizing labor
  • cleaning up & removal of debris

Both heavy and light gauge steel are popular framing method due to its strength and durability. In steel stud framing the metal studs are placed together to form the skeleton of a wall. It is an integral feature of drywall as it provides central support to keep the drywall straight and avoid warping. Metal studs ensure that the structure is supported by a frame and last for an extended period of time.

What sets it apart from the wooden frames are as follows:

  • it is quick to assemble and install
  • it never dries, rot, bend, distort or warps
  • it is comparably lighter in weight
  • it gives professional appearance
  • it offers greater structural integrity
  • it can be stored in any environment

A proper insulation keeps your home away from pollutants, moisture, mold and lowers your utility bills while providing consistent temperature throughout the living spaces. It requires lower maintenance and fills every space and void adding extra structural strength and air tight seal throughout the building.

At Horvath Drywall Systems, we use eco-friendly insulation products that are durable, effective and safe. We offer advance material to protect you,  your home and your investment. We will help you determine the type of insulation (R-value) and identify the areas that require air sealing. Our professional will perform a complete assessment to check whether your home is correctly insulated or not.

With t-bar ceiling you can hide your light fixtures and structural ceiling to build a clean visual atmosphere in your home. Also known as drop ceiling, t-bar ceiling are suspended at a minimum of 6 inch from the structural ceiling. First we place the grid and determine the area of the ceiling. Once we have the right measurement we calculate the number of ceiling tiles required to complete the project. Installing t-bar ceiling requires precision and involves accurate calculations.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to mask flaws and obstructions, give us a call to install a suspended ceiling.

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