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On going Project

OHOC: Our House Of Clans

54 Unit Apartments,

Sechelt BC.

Steel Stud Framing: 43,600 SF

Insulation: 81,250 SF

Drywall: 256,860 SF

T-Bar Ceiling: 4,860 SF

Elizabeth Fry Housing Society: TRH,

42 Unit apartments, 16 Townhouse.

Prince George BC.

Insulation: 108,935 SF

Drywall: 183,873 SF

T-Bar Ceiling: 5,350 SF

Steel Stud Framing: 8,300 SF

Holland Creek Apartment:

96 Unit apartment.

Ladysmith BC.

Steel Stud Framing: 32,000 SF

Insulation: 101,000 SF

Drywall: 498,700 SF

Interior Painting: 84,700 SF

Ministry Of Citizen Services.


Port Moody BC

Steel Stud Framing: 14,870 SF

Insulation: 7,380 SF

Drywall: 65,800 SF

T-Bar Ceiling: 14,400 SF

Acoustic Baffle: 800 SF

Interior Painting: 6,700 SF

700 Sharp Road Multi Family Housing

14 Townhouse.

Tofino BC.

Drywall: 77,800 SF

Interior Exterior Painting: 18,900 SF